Your foundation is the base formula needed to balance your skin tone, hide blemishes, and flawlessly complete your look. That’s why it’s important to find the shade that best matches your skin. Finding this match on your own, however, can be tricky.

Every woman wants makeup that makes her skin glow, her eyes pop, and her smile dazzle. Have you noticed that some products brighten your features and others have you looking (and feeling) dull? To achieve the radiant look you want, you’ll need certain cosmetics that match your skin tone and undertones.

Luckily, our beauty experts at Merle Norman can help! They understand the science behind color, how skin colors look in different lightings, and your skin’s specific undertones. With this knowledge, they can cater to a wide array of skin tones and types, including yours! At Merle Norman, we offer almost 200 shades, 15 formulas, and five finishes. That’s a lot of options! Nevertheless, you can rest assured knowing our beauty consultants will work to find your ideal shade. Visit your local studio today for your free foundation check.