One thing that we tell all our clients//customers constantly is, that you need to wear sunscreen and that will never change.
But, it’s important to know that skipping sunscreen when you’re treating a skin concern like acne or hyperpigmentation (and other ones too!), is setting yourself up for half-hearted results.
Why wear sunscreen when you have acne? It lowers your chance of the blemish turning into post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (brown mark), especially if you are a picker!! If you are already have PIH, it helps with reducing your chances of it getting progressively darker which will take even longer to fade away.
On top of that, if you are dealing with any form of hyperpigmentation currently, not wearing sunscreen leaves you in a revolving door. It’ll never get better. If you have melasma, you can guarantee it to come back more frequently than it would if you protected your skin.