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There’s nothing worse than unwanted hair. Waxing is a safe, fast, and reliable way to remove body hair and achieve silky smooth skin. Waxing is considered one of the best hair removal methods and has been proven to be more effective than shaving and depilatory techniques.

Consider the wonderful benefits of waxing:

  • Slower Regrowth - Waxing pulls hair from the root rather than simply cutting the hair shaft on the surface, resulting in slower regrowth.
  • Finer Growth - When hair does finally grow back, it will be finer, which helps you avoid that prickly feeling we all hate so much! Since waxing pulls hair from the root, it weakens the hair follicle over time and leads to the production of finer, less noticeable hair.
  • Gentle Skin Exfoliation - Waxing also strips away your skin’s outer layer, revealing brighter and smoother skin!
  • Less Skin Damage - When using a razor, there is always a risk of cutting your skin, which can be painful, annoying, and potentially lead to infections. Waxing avoids this altogether. 

At Merle Norman, our waxing experts always carefully consider your skin by using Satin Smooth®, a professional wax product designed for sensitive skin. Take a look at our exceptional waxing services:

Brow Wax
Price: $15
Duration: Approximately 10 minutes
Don’t underestimate the power of your brows! Having full and shapely brows can enhance your appearance more than you think. Our brow wax service includes sanitization of the eye area, trimming, tweezing, and brow shaping. Your specialist will ensure you leave with breath-taking brows tailored to your face shape!

Lip Wax
Price: $10
Duration: Approximately 10 minutes
Are you struggling with maintaining your lady mustache? Trust us. We understand how frustrating that pesky peach fuzz can be. Our upper and lower lip wax service could be the solution you’ve been searching for! With this service, you’ll receive pre-wax cleansing and comfortable hair removal treatment geared towards sensitive skin.

Nose wax- $14

Using our Satin Smooth hard wax, our technicians will safely and quickly remove those pesky hairs from inside your nostrils. We use sanitary precautions so you can feel safe. 

Facial Waxing
Price: $14 and up
Duration: Approximately 10 minutes
We also offer full face and chin waxing. Your waxing specialist will cleanse the designated areas and quickly perform the hair removal treatment, resulting in soft and supple skin on your face and chin.

Body Waxing
Price: $20 and up
Duration: Approximately 15-45 minutes
For those seeking a more comprehensive wax, you can also benefit from our body waxing services. These include the underarms, half leg (knee-down), full leg, half arm (elbow-down), full arm,back and bikini area,